Grass Ceiling Project 2023 – 2026

Scottish Crofting Federation is working with Newcastle University on an exciting EU-funded programme for empowering women’s innovation in rural and crofting/farming communities.
The project, led by Professor Sally Shortall of SETU, Waterford (Rep. of Ireland) will create 9 Living Labs for rural women innovators across Europe – Ireland, Croatia, Italy, Lithuania, Netherlands, Norway, Scotland, Spain, and Sweden. Each living lab will work with a small group of women and interested parties (policymakers, social enterprises, farming, and crofting supporters) to establish a network-learning and innovation system to:
• support women innovators
• strengthen and measure their innovative identity.
• transform gender norms and stereotypes by sharing and capturing insights on rural women-innovator policy and practical experience.

Scottish Crofting Federation is funded by UKRI (UK Research and Innovation) and Scottish Government.