Crofting Skills for Local Food

This successful project ran from July 21 to March 22 and offered both practical face to face and on-line courses.  These free courses were aimed at those people aged 25 and over, who were unemployed, at risk of redundancy or required upskilling/retraining.

Our Crofting Skills for Local Food Project was funded by Scottish Government’s National Training Transition Fund, was needs led and supported the following outcomes: –

  • Participants will develop core primary and secondary production skills relevant to local food production.
  • Participants will gain knowledge and confidence in a range of marketing options and able to choose the most appropriate for their situation.
  • Participants will be upskilled to develop small scale food production activities, thus improving their diversification and income generation potential on the croft.
  • Crofters and aspiring crofters will have the opportunity to explore and implement appropriate diversification opportunities suitable to their time, skills and land, generating more income from primary and secondary production.
  • Crofters and their local community will in time be better integrated, providing access to a greater variety and quantity of croft produced, locally sourced, nature friendly food and products, reducing carbon impact by lowering food miles and improving community resilience to supply system shocks.

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