Welcome to the Scottish Crofting Federation

SCF is dedicated to campaigning for crofters and fighting for the future of crofting.

Crofter with cattle


  • work to develop, promote and encourage crofting.
  • represent and safeguard the interests of crofters, their families and communities, their cultural heritage and their legislative rights.
  • promote the environmental, social and cultural benefits of crofting activity and land use as intrinsic aspects of rural development.
  • raise awareness of crofting through information and education.
  • promote diversity of people, enterprise, skills and expertise.

Established and run by crofters themselves, the SCF actively engages with agencies and government officials at local, national and international levels to influence policy on rural, agricultural, social, environmental and other issues.

Why membership is important

Originally set up in 1985 as the Scottish Crofters Union (SCU), the organisation continues to protect and promote the interests of crofters and the crofting community.

Membership for an individual costs £66.50 a year. In return you will receive many benefits: representation, advocacy and advice; training and mentoring; a member's legal advice line with free initial advice and discounted services; the Crofter magazine; monthly e-newsletter; local meetings and events; marketing of your croft produce through the SCF Produce Mark and promotion of your croft tourism business; discounts on our publications and much, much more.