Crofting Training

We have a strong track record as a training provider and over the past 20 years have consistently developed and delivered vocational training to small rural Highland and Island communities. During the development phase of each project, we build in flexibility which allows us to be reactive and therefore demand-led meeting community needs.

Our training

Training aligns to the National Occupational Standards for Crofting and other relevant vocational skills. To ensure equity and guard against unconscious bias our training is developed following the recommendations of the Women in Agriculture, Scottish Government Taskforce.

Training opportunities are provided for aspiring and new entrants to crofting and also practical, croft-based, hands-on training. To date, training has been externally funded by project partners and we are currently looking at transition from Covid19 and how future training can contribute to the restart and recovery of economic activity across diverse crofting enterprises. We know that this will be important and required to support the wellbeing and economic security of crofting areas.

We have a waiting list for training opportunities and if you wish to be added please send an email to