Crofting supports local food production while protecting the cultural heritage and the natural environment in the north and west of Scotland. 

The unique Scottish Crofting Produce Mark guarantees quality and authenticity. Crofters produce high-quality meat from stock grazed extensively on heather and grass. Croft-grown vegetables, honey, fruit, crafts and tasty baked goods – all grown or created by our members with love and dedication. You can enjoy a taste of the Scottish Highlands and Islands from the producers below.

By buying Scottish Crofting Produce you are not only getting a high quality product but also supporting a traditional and sustainable way of life which has continuing relevance for the 21st Century.

Scottish Crofting Federation members on  crofts registered with the Crofting Commission can advertise their produce, holiday cottages and businesses here.

Apply below or if you would like more information contact hq@crofting.org

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