Hebridean Highland Beef

Sandy & Ali Granville

10 Tolsta chaolais
Isle of Lewis

Tolsta Chaolais Beef is produced from Highland Cattle living on the hills and moors around the Hebridean Village of Tolsta Chaolais, on the Isle of Lewis. Highland Cattle mature slowly. Fortunately nobody here is in a rush, so they are allowed to grow, content to wander and enjoy life as nature intended.

Unlike other breeds of cattle ‘Highlands’ don’t have a fat layer; instead they rely on their thick double coat for warmth. The long fringe covering their eyes (Dossan) is protection against flies and the distinctive long horns are used in defence.

Highland Cattle are the oldest registered cattle breed in the world; they are prized for their beef which has the same cholesterol as chicken! Once you have tasted heather fed Highland Beef there is definitely no going back – are you ready?

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