Hebridean Mutton

Sandy & Ali Granville
10 Tolsta chaolais
Isle of Lewis

Tolsta Chaolais mutton comes from Hebridean Blackface sheep. There is no sheep hardier than the Hebridean Blackface if like ours they live roaming free on the hills and moors of the Outer Hebrides. People do not bother these sheep very often. We gather the sheep from the moors six times in the course of each year.

We do not slaughter lambs and our heather fed mutton comes from animals that are at least two and a half years old.

Mutton from hill sheep grazing on the heather is as full of flavour as you would expect. It is slow to mature and we give it as long as it needs. We think this is why it tastes so good. The first thing you learn in the Outer Hebrides is not to rush about too much.

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