Crofting Federation rejects UK Government ‘Internal Market’ proposals

Scottish Crofting Federation (SCF) has responded to UK Government consultation on proposed legislation on the U.K. Internal Market.

SCF Chair Yvonne White said, “Having scrutinised this incoherent white paper at length, we cannot find evidence to support the need for this legislation. The UK Internal Market is undoubtedly important, but so too is the need to maintain our present access to Europe for our high quality beef and lamb exports. The criteria for UK internal trade must be agreed by all four nations, and not be imposed on us.”

Ms White continued, “In common with other Scottish food producers, we fear that the proposed legislation will lead to a race to the bottom, threatening our high standards in food, environment and animal welfare, thus damaging the image of Scottish produce. These standards are best safeguarded by the Scottish Parliament. Likewise our Parliament needs to retain control over agricultural support, as enshrined in the current devolution settlement. Any weakening of that position will pose an existential threat to the hill livestock sector, which is, after all, the backbone of crofting.”

Article by SCF

12 August 2020

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