Crofters warned to watch out for two-legged predators

The Scottish Crofting Federation (SCF) has issued a warning to crofters to watch out for predatory practices by “experts” regarding the Crofting Register.

“The year of voluntary registration of crofts ended 31st November” said SCF Chair, Derek Flyn, “and we now move into the next phase which is still voluntary but now also compulsory under certain circumstances. We have been receiving unsettling reports of crofters receiving letters from ‘professional advisors’ implying that registration is now completely compulsory, crofts must be digitally mapped and that the services of a ‘professional’ will be needed. This is not the case. Crofters can still voluntarily register a map of their croft but will now have to submit a map of their croft only if they trigger an event that requires Crofting Commission approval, for example, the assignation or division of a croft.”

Article by SCF

3 December 2013

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Interested in crofting?

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