Picture of information about the projectThe Crofting Resources Programme (CRP),which is funded by the Scottish Rural Development Programme, Esmee Fairbairn Foundation and Highlands and Islands Enterprise, aims to build capacity within the crofting community through collaborative activity. The CRP develops co-operation and assists networks of producers to utilise existing best practice. Crofter-led producer groups have considerable capacity to contribute to the aims of the Scottish Government Food Policy. The need for a mentoring programme transferring skills and experience between generations – has been frequently highlighted and this is most effectively delivered though crofter-led groups.

A HEALTHIER SCOTLAND – The programme is setting benchmarks for healthy local food through a quality scheme to ensure that croft produce is low-input, sustainable and completely traceable. Produced in a clean, natural environment, food from crofts is increasingly sought after by health-conscious consumers. It is proven that grass-fed livestock produce the healthiest meat, protecting the consumer and the environment. Crofts produce good food naturally.

A WEALTHIER AND FAIRER SCOTLAND – The CRP works to open up new income streams for crofters; to add value to outputs from crofts and, through promoting high production standards and collaborative marketing, develop new outlets for crofters’ produce.

A SAFER AND STRONGER SCOTLAND – The programme develops crofting community resilience by helping crofting to continue to support population in some of the country’s most remote areas. Crofting practice will
improve the quality of life in these areas.

A GREENER SCOTLAND – The CRP promotes crofting, an environmentally sustainable method of food production and land management. It is no coincidence that much of the UK’s High Nature Value areas are found in the crofting counties. And the majority of Europe’s peatland, which locks in vast amounts of carbon, occurs in the crofting areas and is protected by extensive grazing. By stimulating sustainable use of land resources, the programme will help to maintain and enhance some of the country’s most valued landscapes and habitats.

A SMARTER SCOTLAND – The CRP offers training and mentoring through producer groups, which will enhance the skills base, promoting best practice in small-scale food production and marketing and raising community capacity at crofting township level. Working with the SCF / Soil Association Crofting Connections project, the programme links schools with local crofters, educates school children about where food comes from, how it is produced, and how to cook and eat it.

SCF would like to thank the the following organisations for supporting this programme.

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