“Tell the Government what you think about their Goose Policy” SCF says to Crofters and Farmers

The Scottish Crofting Federation (SCF) is encouraging crofters and farmers to sign up to the on-line petition raised in the Scottish Parliament urging the Scottish Government to review its policy on the unfolding wild-goose debacle. The petition closes on 1st September, this weekend.

“We are all aware of the plague of wild geese suffered by crofters and farmers in the Scottish islands, and increasingly the Highlands” said SCF Chief Executive Patrick Krause, “yet there is little done by the Scottish Government or its agencies to address the threat posed to these fragile communities. We have raised this petition in the Scottish Parliament to show the strength of feeling over this issue and I would encourage people to take advantage of it now as it closes this Sunday.”

Article by SCF

28 August 2013

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