Crofters’ Diversity Pays!
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The Crofters’ Diversity Pays! is a partnership with SCF, Queen Margaret University and SASA (Science and Advice for Scottish Agriculture) and mostly crofter-SME partners to test and develop new ideas that will add diversity and value to traditional crofting crops.

We will be exploring and testing new supply chains for crofting traditional varieties or landraces in different crofting areas, starting with:

Shetland cabbage, Shetland – applying to register as a conservation variety and investigating viability of sale of seeds in different markets

Hebridean rye, Lochaber, testing performance throughout the supply chain – field, milling, nutritional composition, baking, tasting and branding

Events, results and reports will be uploaded as the project progresses and available through the SCF e-newsletter and in The Crofter. For further information please contact

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