Self Regulation Of Current Crofting System To Meet Modern Need

A discussion document raised on behalf of the Sleat General Grazings Committee.

Alastair Culbertson, Chairman, Sleat General Grazings Committee

Duncan MacDonald, Clerk, Sleat General Grazings Committee


Crofters have long been daunted by the overwhelming volume and weight of the regulatory system and have been continually calling for the overburden of red tape to be reduced.

The current walls of bureaucratic administration are discouraging obstacles and many Crofters are deterred from venturing much for fear of the complexity of the administration involved. This breeds apathy with Committees falling ‘out of office’ and once this happens, Township Crofters are dispirited and less inclined to attempt a recovery of their position. Active Crofting suffers similarly. In order to keep up with current practice and grass-roots self-determination, Crofting needs a more approachable face than at present and heavy handed pedantry in its administration should be unnecessary.

Read the full document here.

26 October 2016

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