SCF Charter for Crofting

“It’s about the people – making sure they can live here.”

Crofting households account for around 30,000 people in the Highland and Islands around 30% of households on the mainland and 65% of those on the islands. Over three quarters of a million hectares of land are under crofters’ stewardship.

Crofting is the glue that binds rural communities across the Highlands and Islands. As well as an important part of our cultural heritage, it is an important part of our future, supporting a unique way of life, a diverse and rich environment, and a rural population in some of the most fragile areas of the Highlands and Islands.

We believe that crofting needs:

  • Environmentally sound and economically viable crofting land use
  • A well-regulated, well-supported crofting system
  • Access to economic opportunities and services
  • A strong local food economy

The Scottish Crofting Foundation calls on national and local government to take action to ensure the health of crofting for the future.

Download a PDF document (0.6 mbs) with more information on the SCF Charter for Crofting