Crofting Inquiry Survey


A survey published today by the Crofting Inquiry highlights the importance attached to the crofting system by all people living in crofting communities.
SCF Chairman Norman Leask said, “This survey of attitudes towards crofting is one of the most comprehensive undertaken, I believe, in decades. It is fascinating for many reasons, but principally because it shows the level of support for the crofting system and the crofting way of life, both by crofters and non-crofting neighbours. Concerns are very evident that crofting food production is not getting the return needed, the system is becoming eroded by market pressures and therefore access to crofts is too difficult for young people. I think it is incredible that under these pressures the large majority of crofters are still not willing to sell-out, thank goodness.

Article by SCF

18 December 2007

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Interested in crofting?

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