Crofting Federation welcomes Commission initiatives

The Scottish Crofting Federation (SCF) has congratulated the Crofting Commission on the recently announced initiatives of a new Assessors Panel and research into crofting support.

“The Crofting Commission’s role in matters relating to crofting will be greatly enhanced by the appointment of a new Assessors Panel,” said Russell Smith, chair of the SCF. “The SCF has always been a great supporter of having assessors and fought hard to keep them when the demise of the network was being proposed by Scottish Government a decade or so ago. The solution instigated by the Commission of having fewer assessors but giving them a clearer mandate, a closer relationship with the commissioners and support to do their job, is to be commended.

“I would also like to thank the assessors for having put themselves forward for this voluntary role. It is really appreciated that people are willing to give their time and experience to helping crofting to work well as a regulated form of land tenure.” Read more …….

Article by SCF

26 March 2018

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