Crofting Commission Called on to Re-assure Owner-Occupier Crofters

The Scottish Crofting Federation (SCF) have called on the Crofting Commission to sort out the confusion regarding a legislation glitch that has caused the commission to cease processing owner-occupier applications to decroft their house-site, with the utmost urgency.

Derek Flyn, chair of the SCF, said “This problem has not suddenly appeared. It is part of the 2010 Crofting Reform Act. The SCF brought it to the attention of Crofting Commission several weeks ago but they have told us nothing about how and when it will be resolved; only that owner-occupier crofter applications will not be processed. This has serious consequences for people getting a mortgage, trying to build their house. What are they to do?”

Article by SCF

26 February 2013

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Interested in crofting?

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