Crofters’ Training Seminar “Joins Up The Dots”

The Scottish Crofting Federation (SCF) ran a very well-received debut intermediate-level crofting training seminar in Newtonmore last week on ‘Sustain, Diversify and Grow’ crofting enterprise.

“Diversification is a trade-mark of crofting” said SCF’s Chief Executive, Patrick Krause, who opened the seminar on Friday. “A well-rehearsed piece of advice given to farm businesses over the past couple of decades has been to diversify” he continued “and this is of course what has given crofting resilience. Crofters have always had multiple income streams and are very adept at creating on-croft enterprises. The examples are themselves diverse, from traditional livestock and livestock products, to exotics such as Llama and ornamental poultry breeding; from fruit and vegetables to ‘cyber-crofting’. So we are not trying to teach grandmother to suck eggs, but have convened this seminar to explore and share ideas”.

Article by SCF

18 June 2014

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Interested in crofting?

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