NEWS RELEASE: Crofters accuse Scottish Government of environmental neglect

45 angry crofters at a Scottish Crofting Federation (SCF) Uist meeting have accused the Scottish Government of ignoring the threat by swarming geese to crofters and the acclaimed machair habitat.

“This is not a sudden or new occurrence”, said Sam MacDonald, Chair of the North Uist branch of SCF, “crofters warning of the escalating geese numbers and the effect it has on crofting, and therefore on the machair habitat. SCF has been fighting for movement on this for years and have raised a petition in the Scottish Parliament. But Scottish Government have responded by systematically reducing any help. Well, it has got to the point now that if something isn’t done as a matter of urgency crofting will cease and the machair will suffer irreparable damage. What else can you call that but neglect? Read more here….

Article by SCF

28 November 2017

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