Brian Wilson writes in The West Highland Free Press

I am grateful to Sir Crispin Agnew of Lochnaw, chief of the Clan Agnew and Rothesay Herald to the Lord Lyon King of Arms, QC and acknowledged expert on crofting law.

And for why? Well, old Crispers has roused me from my slumber induced by the latest Crofting Reform Bill. As I confessed a few weeks ago,there have been so many Crofting Reform Bills that a degree of fatigue had set in.

But Sir Crispin's evidence to the Rural Affairs and Environment Committee of the Scottish Parliament has sounded the necessary wake-up call. Maybe it is indeed time for one last stand in defence of crofting tenure and the perpetual, insidious efforts of the past 40 years to legislate it out of existence.

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Article by SCF

24 February 2010

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