Open letter to Crofting Commissioners

Dear Commissioners

As you approach the end of your term of office governing crofting’s regulatory body, could we ask you to reflect on the work of the Crofting Commission. SCF is a key stakeholder in this unique regulated system of land tenure, and we offer some observations at a critical time for crofting. We would appreciate your comments on our observations, as you are in the position to lend us, and the Scottish Government, the benefit of your experience as commissioners.

In 2008, Professor Mark Shucksmith, chair of the Committee of Inquiry on Crofting (CoIoC) commented: “Fifty-four years ago the Taylor Committee argued that crofting was worth preserving ‘for its own intrinsic quality.’ We believe, on the basis of all the evidence that we have heard, that the potential contribution of crofting is even more important, nationally and internationally, than was realised half a century ago. Read in full here……

Article by SCF

14 September 2021

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