Market research indicates significant opportunities for ‘crofting’ branded produce

‘Crofts’ and ‘crofting’ are terms understood by nearly four fifths of the population of Scotland with a third to a half of Scottish people indicating they would be more likely to buy a product if they know it comes from a croft. These are some of the findings of a recent piece of market research commissioned by the Scottish Crofting Federation into the commercial potential of the crofting brand.

SCF member Russell Smith, who has been leading work to promote the crofting brand, said: “We commissioned this research to test the idea that the croft mark and croft tourism will ‘add value’ to crofting. That is, we want to know if they will allow crofters to sell more or achieve a higher price for products because the brand is intrinsically worth something to the consumer.

Article by SCF

22 December 2011

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Interested in crofting?

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