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Are you under 41? - Join the Scottish Crofting Federation for only £33.25

At the recent SCF Board meeting it was agreed that the young crofter rate of £33.25 would be extended to those aged 40 and under. The future of crofting is dependent on young crofters and, as the only organisation solely dedicated to campaigning for crofters and fighting for the future of crofting, now is the time for young crofters to join.

If you are a young crofter, or an aspiring young crofter, join today online or call HQ on 01599 530005 for more information.

young crofter rate

The SCF Gathering of Young Crofters

The SCF Gathering 2015 ‘Young Crofters: 20:20’ took place in Glencanisp Lodge on the community-owned Glencanisp Estate in Assynt, from lunchtime Thursday 19th March to lunchtime Saturday 21st March.
See the short film made of the event called ”Crofting’s New Voices ” .
Read the “opening presentation” by Iain MacKinnon from Skye.
Glencanisp Lodge
This was the first gathering of young crofters and aspiring young crofters, with the purpose of addressing the question: “What do we want crofting to look like in 2020 and beyond?”
Priority was given to young crofters and aspiring crofters and there were also older crofters attending to bring their experience and wisdom to the deliberations. Officials were invited to participate as this was an opportunity for young crofters to be able to have discussions with those who formulate policies that affect crofting.
The event was hosted by the SCF and Crofting Connections.