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Highland and Moray Social Crofting Network grows with launch of website

Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Following on from a successful inaugural event at Glachbeg croft on the Black Isle, the Scottish Crofting Federation’s social crofting initiative moved to Elchies in Moray to take the next steps to making this groundbreaking scheme a reality. Jointly funded by Moray Leader and Highland Leader this project furthers the principle of green care – the promotion of social, mental and physical wellbeing through working the land. The initiative seeks to develop the inputs from crofters and others who are interested in developing a formal network to explore this emerging labour market as an opportunity for diversification. Read more here…...

Crofting law deemed less important by Scottish Government

Friday, September 13, 2019

Responding to the announcement that crofting legislation is unlikely to proceed through parliament in this session, Scottish Crofting Federation (SCF) has taken this as a clear indication that crofting does not rank high on the government’s agenda.

“It came as a disappointment to see that crofting legislation did not appear on the Scottish Government’s ‘Programme for Government’ for this year“, said Yvonne White, chair of SCF. “But the announcement by Fergus Ewing that it is unlikely to proceed through parliament at all this session is shocking. Mr Ewing gave the clear commitment on many occasions that the first phase of the legislation, the really important stuff that effects crofters’ day to day lives, would be dealt with in this parliamentary session. Read in full here…..

Crofting Federation: it is crofters’ and hill farmers’ £160M back-pay

Friday, September 06, 2019

Scottish Crofting Federation (SCF) has laid down a marker on the £160 million agricultural ‘backpayment’ that has been returned to Scotland, pointing-out that it is crofters’ and hill-farmers’ low payments that secured it.

“It is very encouraging that the UK Government has honoured the Prime Minister’s pledge to pay the £160 million that has been owed to Scotland due to the below-average agricultural payments we receive“, said the chair of SCF, Yvonne White. “It is in great part down to the tenacity of the Scottish Government and Scottish producers that we won this, though it was clearly owed to us and it is shameful that we had to make such an effort to get what is due us.” Read in full here…..