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SCF says it is time for the Commission Convener to Resign

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

​The SCF has called for the resignation of the convener of the Crofting Commission following the exposure of the Commission having taken action on grazing committees against legal advice.

“It is clearly time for Kennedy to go,” said the Chair of the SCF, Fiona Mandeville. “We’ve asked many times for an explanation but to no avail. Documents obtained through Freedom of Information are unequivocal; the board of the Crofting Commission, headed by Colin Kennedy, chose to ignore policy and legal advice and proceeded to impose, what lawyers are saying are illegal, constables upon grazing shareholders whose committees the Commission had removed from office. So much anguish has been caused by this whole debacle and now, as suspected, we can clearly see that Kennedy led the Commission down this destructive route”.

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Community renewables an excellent model for Townships

Friday, July 22, 2016

Broom Power, a proposed micro hydro scheme near Ullapool, which was registered last year may be the last venture entirely funded by community share issue. Diminishing feed in tariffs have impacted the viability of micro projects registered after September 2016. Patrick Krause, Chief Executive of the Scottish Crofting Federation visited the directors of the project this week. The project, which aims to raise just under £1million in community share issue, is looking to attract investors from all walks of life. Investors can be assured their money is safe with interest paid out after 3 years and a green, community ethos to boot. Although Broom Power has just over a month to secure its investment, directors are buoyant. Neil Gerrard, a director, explained: “It’s a fantastic opportunity for any investor to take up - The point about community ownership is that it is wholly community owned. This means all the money stays in the community and isn’t shared by the banks or the developer or other partner.”

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Calling All Women In Agriculture

Thursday, July 07, 2016

The Scottish Government has commissioned research to build a picture of the role women play in agriculture across Scotland. Research undertaken in other parts of the UK, Europe and beyond shows that women’s work on crofts and farms is under-reported and women are not well represented in agricultural organisations, but there has been no research in Scotland. We invite women who live or work on crofts and farms to complete the survey. In addition, focus groups and interviews will be conducted with both women and men working in the agriculture sector, including those who do not live on crofts and farms. Findings will help to inform the development of government policy interventions. All responses will be strictly confidential. For further information on the research click here.