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SCF Welcome Action on Crofting Legislation Glitch

Friday, March 29, 2013

The Scottish Crofting Federation (SCF) has welcomed the announcement from Minister for Environment, Paul Wheelhouse, that a bill will be raised in the Scottish Parliament to amend crofting legislation to authorise the Crofting Commission to consider decrofting applications by owner-occupier crofters.

Chair of the SCF, Derek Flyn, said “Having brought this to the attention of the Crofting Commission at the beginning of this year, it is gratifying to see that it is being acted on with due haste by the Scottish Government. The Commission took legal advice on the situation, as did the Scottish Government, and it appears they have accepted that there is a glitch in the Crofting Reform (Scotland) 2010 Act and that the only course of action is to introduce new legislation.”

Decrofting was originally made available to landlords who didn’t have a tenant, that is where a croft was vacant. Now it is seen as the way a crofter can develop his croft outside crofting controls. When the legislation was changed to treat owner-occupier crofters the same as tenant crofters, it also made clear that an owner-occupied croft was not vacant. It was therefore not available for decrofting.

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Situation Vacant- SCF Training Project Manager

Thursday, March 28, 2013

SCF requires a full-time training manager, based within the Highlands and Islands, for the coordination of the SCF's 'Crofters & Small Land Holders Training Programme', which runs until December 2015.

Please see our Training page for more info or follow the link below.

If applying, please send CV and covering letter to .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) by Friday 12th April 2013.

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SCF Fights for Improved Crofters’ Grant Scheme

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Scottish Crofting Federation (SCF) has emphasised the need for a grant scheme specific to crofting in the next round of the Scotland Rural Development Programme (SRDP). This comes in a Parliamentary report sent to the Scottish Government last week.

The Parliamentary Cross-party Group on Crofting, of which SCF holds the secretariat, convened a working-group to explore how the revised Rural Development Programme can help crofting and sent their recommendations to the Scottish Government team working on the new SRDP.

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The First Croft is Registered

Thursday, March 21, 2013

The Scottish Crofting Federation (SCF) congratulates the first crofter to have his croft put on the Crofting Register.

Donald Murdie of Galtrigill, Isle of Skye, is the first crofter to have gone through the process of getting his croft mapped and applying to have the map put on the Crofting Register, held by Registers of Scotland. Mr Murdie was informed yesterday that his application is successful and that his croft is the first to be registered.

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SCF Urge Minister to Act on Legal Glitch

Thursday, March 21, 2013

The Scottish Crofting Federation (SCF) met with Scottish Government yesterday to urge a rapid resolution to the owner-occupier crofter decrofting problem.

Following a private meeting with Minister for Environment Paul Wheelhouse MSP, Norman Leask, Parliamentary Spokesman of the SCF said “I made it clear that our members are extremely concerned about the fact that owner-occupier crofters are being told by the Crofting Commission that their decrofting applications cannot be processed due to a legal glitch. This has the potential to cause serious problems for crofters who are trying to de-croft bits of land in order to secure loans. However, I was gratified that the Minister is clearly taking this very seriously. He and his officials appreciate the problem and are working towards resolution as expediently as possible.”

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SCF Launches Crofters’ Legal Helpline

Monday, March 11, 2013

The Scottish Crofting Federation (SCF) has launched a legal helpline for its members, in partnership with well-known crofting law firm Inksters Solicitors.

Fiona Mandeville, Vice-Chair of the SCF said, “Crofting law, as everyone knows, is complicated – and crofters needing legal advice really have to go to a specialist solicitor. The SCF has seen the need for a legal helpline for some time and now, in partnership with Inksters Solicitors, is pleased to offer this service to its members”.

Brian Inkster, head of Inksters Solicitors said “We are one of the few legal firms in Scotland specialising in crofting law. With the passing of the new crofting Act there is even more need for a direct route to expert advice. We are very pleased to be working with the SCF in providing this much-needed service. SCF members will be able to phone one Highland number – 01599 230 300 – to be put through to a lawyer with crofting expertise. The initial advice will be free (for around 15 minutes, which can usually solve many problems) and if the SCF member wishes to engage Inksters to undertake legal work on their behalf they will receive a 10% discount on the fees chargeable.”

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