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Crofters urge rejection of the Sound of Barra marine designation

Thursday, January 17, 2013

The Scottish Crofting Federation is urging the Scottish Government to turn down the proposal that the Sound of Barra should become a marine Special Area of Conservation.

The SCF is also asking the Government to radically revise the way it enacts European environmental legislation, arguing that the Sound of Barra case is only the latest in a long list of disputes between communities and environmental administrators which waste time and resources on both sides of the argument.


SCF call on land reform gurus to support the creation of new crofts

Thursday, January 17, 2013

In their response to the Land Reform Review Group ‘call for evidence’ the Scottish Crofting Federation (SCF) has reiterated its petition to the Scottish Government to create 10,000 new crofts by 2020 and asks the group to support this.
Fiona Mandeville, Vice Chair of the SCF said "We have pressed the Scottish Government to set out the policies that will be put in place to facilitate rapid extension of the crofting system. This is based on a fundamental belief, not only within SCF, that in the Scottish context crofting is the model best placed to deliver the emerging policy goals for agriculture and rural development. Review of land reform in Scotland should reflect these policy goals and so we have asked the Group to support our request."


SCF response to the Land Reform Review Group call for evidence

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Thank you for inviting the Scottish Crofting Foundation (SCF) to contribute to your deliberations on land reform in Scotland. SCF is the only member-led organisation dedicated to promoting crofting and is the largest association of small-scale food producers in the UK. Our mission is to safeguard and promote the rights, livelihoods and culture of crofters and their communities.

We appreciate the fact that land reform in Scotland is radical and inspiring though given the antiquated and inequitable pattern of land tenure that still exists in Scotland it is clearly lacking in pace and breadth. Crofting has an integral stake in land reform legislation (crofters as land managers having an interest in the Land Reform (Scotland) Act Part 1, and Parts 2 & 3 having been used for crofting estate buy-outs), and crofting legislation reform has been a part of the current land reform process since its infancy and has resulted in the passing of two Acts, one in 2007 and one in 2010, both amending the Crofting (Scotland) Act 1993.


Submission to the Land Reform Review Group

Sunday, January 13, 2013

The Woodland Crofts Partnership (WCP) is a partnership of 3 third-sector organisations seeking to promote and develop woodland crofts. It comprises the Scottish Crofting Federation, the Community Woodlands Association and the Highlands Small Communities Housing Trust. We welcome this opportunity to submit evidence to the Land Reform Review Group.


Upcoming local meetings

Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Monday 14th January, Ben Nevis Auction Mart , 7.30 pm

The Crofting Register & Community Mapping with SCF’s Patrick Krause & Russell Smith and an update on CAP Reform with Alan Boulton

Ben Nevis Auction Mart.pdf

Tuesday 15th January, Kilchoan Learning Centre, Kilchoan, 7.30 pm

SCF’s Patrick Krause will speak on The Crofting Register & Community Mapping and will give an update on CAP Reform


Wednesday 16th January, Glenuig Community Hall, Glenuig, 7.30 pm

Colin Kennedy of the Crofting Commission to speak about the Commission Plan, an update on the CAP reform from Alan Boulton, and Patrick Krause on SCF matters


Thursday 17th January, Lismore Public Hall, Isle of Lismore, 7.30pm

The Crofting Register and Community Mapping with Patrick Krause SCF