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Crofting Foundation Welcomes EU Parliament Sheep Report

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

The Scottish Crofting Foundation (SCF) has welcomed the adoption by the European Parliament’s Agriculture Committee of the Aylward Report on the EU sheep industry. The report, by Irish MEP Liam Aylward, calls for action by the European Commission to reverse the decline in sheep numbers and proposes a range of measures to boost the sector, including environmental payments for sheep retention; specific support for native and traditional breeds; a task force to work on the viability, competitiveness and profitability of the industry; regulations on country of origin labelling; and abandonment of the “ill thought out, illogical and unworkable scheme” to introduce electronic tagging.


Tell us what you think of the Aylward Report

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

We have created a discussion topic in our forum so that you can let us know whether or not you support the findings and recommendations contained within the Aylward report on the future of the sheep/lamb and goat sector in Europe and, especially, Scotland.

View the discussion here

SCF Praises Parliamentary Consensus on Shucksmith report

Thursday, May 15, 2008

The Scottish Crofting Foundation (SCF) today praised MSPs for their unanimity in acceptance of the Committee of Inquiry on Crofting’s report which was published this week. In a debate at Holyrood this morning, MSPs of all parties warmly commended the radical conclusions of the report. SCF Parliamentary spokesman Norman Leask said, “It is remarkable that a subject as contentious as crofting produced such a consensus amongst the politicians. All speakers accepted the recommendations of the report, although, quite rightly, some were keen to see the detail worked out. There was on all sides a genuine appreciation of the social, economic and environmental benefits of crofting and of the huge contribution it can make to rural development.”


SCF praises ‘thorough and radical’ report from Shucksmith Committee

Monday, May 12, 2008

The Scottish Crofting Foundation (SCF) has given a warm welcome to the report of the Committee of Inquiry on Crofting launched in Stornoway today (Monday 12th May). The Inquiry, chaired by Professor Mark Shucksmith, was commissioned following the failure of the Crofting Reform Bill in 2006. SCF Chairman Neil MacLeod said, “We have waited a long time for this and it has been well worth the wait. Professor Shucksmith and his Committee are to be congratulated on producing such a thorough and radical report at this crucial time. The report echoes many of the policy initiatives pursued by SCF over the last few years, such as on Less Favoured Area support, crofter housing, assistance for younger new entrants, strengthening and simplifying regulation and democratising the regulatory process. An Inquiry such as this only takes place perhaps once in a generation, so we are very pleased to see that the Committee has fully recognised the social, economic and environmental importance of crofting, and we look forward to legislation being brought forward to enact their proposals.

SCF praises Shucksmith report.pdf

Future of Crofting Report presented in Stornoway

Monday, May 12, 2008

The Committee formally presented their recommendations for the future of crofting in Scotland to Mike Russell MSP, Minister for Environment at an event held on 12th May 2008 in Stornoway.

View the full report or watch a video summary of the Committee's recommendations delivered by the Chairman of the Committee, Professor Mark Shucksmith.